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What the Practitioners and Patients Say

"I was pleasantly surprised to find the treatment virtually painless and over with in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore I am amazed at the almost instant smoothing effect on my cellulite. Better still, the results continued to improve over 7 days and I now feel confident that after a few more treatments, I will be
cellulite free
Lucy Doyle, Housewife, 29 years old, London

"Clinic Lemanic are happy with the RioBlush CO2 rejuvenation system, so much so that we've ordered a second machine!"
Clinic Lemanic

"The RioBlush machine is probably going to take over any other stretch mark treatment. We are doing a clinical trial, where we've done ten patients to date over the past six months, and some patients have totally lost their stretch marks - which is something I've never seen in all my years in medicine!"
Doctor Patrick Treacy, Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin

"RioBlush has been a great addition to our portfolio of treatments. We are now able to offer our patients a 'close to natural' treatment for stretch marks, cellulite and fat. Our doctors and aestheticians are so fond of the treatment, they're never shy to get on the couch and make use of RioBlush!"
The Garden Skin Clinic

"My stretch marks are awful, they dictate what I can wear and I hate the way the skin wobbles as I walk. After only a few treatments of RioBlush I can already see a significant improvement. The treatment is quick and not painful just a bit uncomfortable. I am excited for the first time in a long time that I have found an easy treatment that is actually showing results."
Mrs Maya, Mayfair Practice

"I have had 4 treatments of RioBlush for the dark circles under my eyes as they have bothered me for years and despite trying eye serums nothing has ever helped. I am beginning to notice a great improvement as the skin under my eyes is no longer paper thin, so where the skin has thickened the dark circles do not appear as bad. I find the treatments comfortable, and can return to the office straight away."
Nikki Bentley, 38 years old, Sales Executive, Gerrards Crosse