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City Girl

"The biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox"
Daily Mail

Brazilian Vogue recently dubbed it the "Miracle Gas"

"Fades stretch marks, scars, melts fat in your body and get years off your skin" Daily Mail

"Carboxy therapy proves very effective against bikini drama. It breaks up fatty deposits, stimulates collagen and fades stretch marks" Cosmopolitan

"This anti-ageing treatment takes years off your skin by eliminating fat cells and stimulating the production of collagen" Woman's Own

"When it comes to cellulite, don't get mad, get even. Carboxy therapy firms skin and melts fat by injecting nanoamounts of carbon-dioxide gas into problem areas, improving skin tone and elasticity" Elle South Africa

"RioBlush carboxy therapy is the most effective treatment against Grade 2 cellulite and very popular in Brazil" Grazia

"The new injection the world of beauty is raving about - Your face will become plumper, younger and more radiant thanks to RioBlush" Brandnewyou.co.uk

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